I have made many visits to Harlech following a family holiday there in 2012. We fell in love with the area and particularly the two beaches at Llandangw and Harlech. I have created quite a body of work and felt this deserved to be represented in its own right. I feel we all find places that touch our soul in some way, this being how I feel about these wonderful shorelines in all their ever changing moods. The sea provides a fresh canvas on every retreating tide, the pools and sand ripples bringing endless inspiration.
Sand Claws, Harelch Beach.Tranquillity at day's end, Llandangw Beach.Dune system, Harlech Beach.Mirror, Harlech Beach.Ridges and Peaks, Harlech Beach.Breaking wave, Llandangw Beach, Gwynned.LLandangw Sunset.Watching waves, Llandangw Beach.Wave swirl, Llandangw Beach, Gwynned.Water flows, Harlech Beach.Last light on distant Snowdon, Llandangw Beach, Gwynned.Edge of light, edge of water, Llandangw Beach.Reflections and Ripples, mono study, Harlech Beach.Edge of the world, Llandangw Beach.Storm light, Llandangw Beach.Harlech Dunes, mono study.Rocks, Llandangw Beach.Spectacular light, Harlech Beach.Kelp forest at low tide, Llandangw Beach.Last light on Llandangw Beach.