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I'm not a prolific monochrome worker but have been increasingly exploring the genre as part of my creative development. I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying learning to see the world more in tones than colour.
Layers and flows, Harlech.Reflections and Ripples, mono study, Harlech Beach.Grass and clouds, East Head.Harlech dunes mono study.Relected Light, Harlech Beach.Bulwark, Climping Beach.Storm cloud study in scale, Climping Beach.The end of the storm, Climping Beach.Bulwark in mono, Climping.Chalk, sand and sea study, Climping Beach.Last Stand, Climping Beach.Harlech Dunes, mono study.Study in shapes, Britain Point, Cornwall.Cloudscape in mono, Harlech Beach.Skeletal, Climping Beach.Timeless, Bognor Beach.Metallic reflections underneath Bognor Pier.Skeletal 2, Climping Beach.Incoming tide, Climping Beach.Repetition in grass and cloud, East Head.