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As I spend so much time on Climping Beach and I have begun to develop a body of work I thought it appropriate to let the images have ether own gallery. I shall continue to add work as it happens, this being much like the overall project, more spontaneous than by design. I love the transient nature of the tide and as the sea chisels away at the defences this short stretch of coast changes almost by the day. Some of the images are fairly stark in nature but I feel there is an underlying beauty. I have yet to settle on a name for the project but I keep coming back to Transience.
Serenity.Last sunrise of 2020.Speckles.A piece of Blue.Winter sky fire.Flow.Swirls.Squall, Climping.Last Stand, Climping.Channel Clouburst.Dragonfly.Rush.On any Tide.Mothership.Incoming Tide.Crescents.Boulders.Evening, High Tide.Winter Squalls.Edges.